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Demolish your rivals at hypersonic speed with Patriot Viper’s VP4100! Assembled with Phison’s powerful E16 controller to provide extraordinary dependability across graphic-heavy tasks and premium action-packed gaming sessions. With it’s 2280 M.2 PCIe Gen4 x 4 interface, VP4100 is taking incredible start-up times, immediate access, and solid multitasking to the next phase of SSD evolution.

  • Phison E16 Series Controller
  • 2280 M.2 PCIe Gen4 x 4, NVMe 1.3
  • DRAM Cache: 2GB

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
TBW 3600TB
3.15"(L) x 0.87"(W) x 0.30"(H)
8.0 cm (L) x 2.2 cm (W) x 0.8 cm (H)
4K Aligned Random Read up to 800K IOPs
4K Aligned Random Write up to 800K IOPs
Sequential Read (ATTO) up to 4,700MB/s
Sequential Write (ATTO) up to 4,200MB/s
Sequential Read (CDM) up to 5,000MB/s
Sequential Write (CDM) up to 4,400MB/s
O/S Supported Windows® 7*/8.0*/8.1/10
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 70°C
*May require driver

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